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Firearms, Holsters and Photography, a funny combination that we take seriously.
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Leadership Evaluation Acquisition Development-Resource
Group LLC  (LEAD-R Group)
Our mission is to provide Photography Services and Firearm and Holster Manufacture and Sales considered by the client to be the best value.
Background of the Founders

Gunnery Sergeant Chris A. Carlson
USMC (retired) Primary MOS 0369 Infantry Leader
Enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 17 and served 17 years on Active Duty and 2 years in the Marine Corps Reserve. After retiring earned Bachelor's of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration From Upper Iowa University.

He brings a perspective to firearms and holster manufacture and sales that translates to buying from someone who has relied on a rifle or pistol in a life or death situation, not just in a theoretical sense. This experience is the result of a lifetime of living in the culture of guns. From working in a gun shop in high school to Hunting Upland Game to using some of the most advanced weapons in the world in the Marine Infantry. When he recommends a rifle or pistol, it is from Combat Operations, Special Operations and Law Enforcement Training and Experience. This is considerably different than buying from the clerk in a gun store who has never heard a shot fired in anger or based on a review in a magazine where the writer went to the range and shot a hundred rounds. You are buying from a professional rifleman and operator who served alongside and trained other operators in the US Marines, Rangers, SEALs, Special Forces, the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and great State and Local Law Enforcement Departments.

Please go to the firearms and holsters pages for more information 

Tracey A. Carlson

Has had a lifelong love of photography and has turned her hobby into a professional business after attending formal schooling in photography and processing. Her artistic eye and Canon camera have done professional shoots of:

Wall Art
Family Photos
Cover Art for Brochures
Newspaper Articles

Please go to the Photography Page for more information and click on the Zenfolio link to see some of her Portfolio

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